rfkill not found?
(too old to reply)
Pablo Mantovani
2018-11-15 15:38:45 UTC
I have installed the latest build (8.1 rc2, android-x86-8.1-rc2.iso) on an
MSI WindPad 110W. So far so good, most things seem to be working OK, but
wifi and bluetooth are not on that list. I have read that this particular
tablet has the ability to turn on and off the wifi and bt radios with
rfkill, and that I should execute a series of rfkills and modprobes in
order to get everything up and running, but the problem is that I cannot
run rfkill. It appears as if it is not installed, but browsing through
system files I can see the rfkill folders for both peripherals.
On the other hand, if I use an external usb wifi card, I can navigate
without any problems. But I want to use the internal module!
Does anyone knows how I can run rfkill? Or if there is another way for me
to enable both modules?

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