Could someone help me with SD-card?
(too old to reply)
Marc Barrett
2018-10-31 21:08:30 UTC
I am trying to enable the use of a *partition* on an SD card with
Android-x86. I am using Android-x86 8.1-rc2 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 1.
I followed this very closely:


Unfortunately, I got an "I/O error" of some kind when I tried to write to
/proc/cmdline. (Yes, I *did* go into "SuperUser" mode with "su" before
trying to append to the file, and I also changed the permissions on the
file with chmod before trying to write to it) I am experienced enough with
Lixux/unix, but I don't know anything about /etc/vold.fstab. I am also a
but fuzzy on how /etc/fstab works on Android.

Anyway, my SD card partition is at /dev/block/sdb3. Could someone give me
some tips on getting Android 8.1 to see this partition as an SD card? Maybe
also example /etc/vold.fstab entry to get it to work? That documentation
page I linked above only gives examples on the kernel SDCARD variable, and
doesn't explain /etc/vold.fstab at all after briefly mentioning it. Thanks.
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