[WARNING] ntfs file system installation
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2018-11-13 08:39:57 UTC
Thanks for everyone worked on Android x86 , I want to just share my
experience running it with dual OS (Windows). We used it to run our kiosk
and usually we simply unplug the device when we finish and it auto boot
when power is ON again. We faced many issues with it mainly related to
wifi device after long research I found that the root cause of this, that
the ntfs file system gets corrupted (because of the bad shutdown) and then
Android x86 is unable to fix the ntfs and mount file system as read-only.
The device was completely unstable and in many cases the solution was to
boot it to Windows and then reboot it to Android. Also we tried many many
solution and all failed including ntfsfix , nothing worked.

After that we completely removed windows and installed it in Android (83)
file system /ext4, the device is very stable now (even with bad

Just sharing this with anyone face random problems issue like this.
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