rfkill not working?
(too old to reply)
Pablo Mantovani
2018-11-15 18:37:13 UTC
I have installed the newest version of android-x86 on my MSI WindPad 110W
(8.1 rc2) and I am having trouble using wifi. I can navigate via an
external USB modem, but I am not being able to use the internal module
(bluetooth is also disabled). I can enable/disable these functions in
settings, but they do absolutely nothing, I cannot even see mac addresses.
I have had this problem in previous versions, and I just assumed that it
was a driver issue, but apparently the driver is there (ath9k).
On the other hand, "ifconfig -a" shows both interfaces OK, they are not
active. I read that this is due to rfkill turning the peripherals off. Now,
trying to turn them back on seems to be quite a challenge, as rfkill does
not seem to be recognized as a valid command. It should be installed as I
can see a couple of folders named 'rfkill' on the filesystem, but I am not
able to run the program to reset the status of the wifi/bt radios.
Can anyone help me with this? has someone had this issue and/or knows how
to solve it?

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