Android x86 HTTPURLConnection issue ethernet with custom application
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2018-11-07 07:45:42 UTC
Hi i'm recentrly install Android x86_64 7.1 rc2 on Hyper-V VM, browser

i'm want to test and run own application that was considered as working on
android since 5.0 current min api level is 21 and sdk 24.

i've test it on Sony with 5/6 android, on Asus with 5/6 android, and Nokia
3 with 7/8 android, it works fine!

But when i tried to run it on android x86 it's run but i can't establish
http connection to server for data exchange,
it's just returns 'unable to resolve host' error in HTTPURLConnection, but
when i input the same URL in browser is seems to work ok.

nslookup with host fqdn in console response right server address.
application have code to request network premissions when android version
is bigger than 5.
on phones its works ok.

May be t's cause network on VM only via ethernet and wifi is turned off?

how can i solve this issue may be you can pionts me for some code or any
minds why it works this way?
(currently my project developed in Android Studion in Java).
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