test of 8.1-rc2 on ASUS AIO EeeTop A4110
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Jörg Freund
2018-10-27 17:54:24 UTC

I tested 8.1-rc2 on ASUS AIO EeeTop A4110. (Formerly I had installed
cm-14.1-x86 - with almost no problems.)

My test results about 8.1-rc2 on ASUS AIO EeeTop A4110 are:

Not working:
1) Full screen of some applications (e.g. "bring"). The apps will shrink on
the available display and show only on 1/3 of the display in the middle
(landskape display).
--> It looks like the whole desktop has been resized to one third of the
available monitor size.
--> these apps cannot be used at all. It is dificult to switch these apps
from fullscreen mode into window mode to continue working.

2) If I tap on an icon of an application in the taskbar - this app will not
start but another application. So it is not possible to run an appplication
from the taskabar itself.

- Installation
- Bluetooth
- Sound
- Movies (Youtube)
- Network

Please let me know if I can help you with testin gon my ASUS AIO EeeTop
If you have any recommendations for my problems described above I would be
really thankful.

You are doing a great job and I really enjoy using android-x86. Thank you
so much.

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